The Wisconsin Geographical Society is a statewide network of professional, academic, student, and novice geographers.  We hold an annual (or bi-annual) conference and publish an annual journal, The Wisconsin Geographer.  To become a member of the WGS click here.


Website Launch: The WGS is now online!  This official website of the Wisconsin Geographical Society provides a space for members to post important news and events related to geography in Wisconsin.  It all also includes links to the archives of The Wisconsin Geographer. Please send news updates or suggestions for how the website can be improved to Dr. Jonathan Burkham.

WGS Annual Conference: The organizers of the 2013 AAG West Lakes Division Regional Meeting at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire have agreed to host the WGS Annual Conference.  The joint conference will be held at UW-Eau Claire from October 17-19.

New Issue of The Wisconsin Geographer coming soon: Dr. Jeffrey Zimmerman has been busy compiling the latest issue of The Wisconsin Geographer.  Members can expect to receive a copy this summer.  If you would like a copy of the current issue, but are not currently a member, please renew your membership or join the organization.


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