The Wisconsin Geographer

The archives of The Wisconsin Geographer (1973-2011) in pdf form can be found below.  More recent articles (2012-present) are published exclusively online and are also available below.

Recent Articles (published on an ongoing basis)

Olson, J. (August, 2018) The Changing Countryside: Population and Housing Change in Wisconsin’s Rural Census Tracts, 2000-2010

Platt, L. (February, 2018) Beer Gardens, Breweries, and Urban Growth: A History of Constructed Nature and Environmental Justice in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Volume 25:  The Milwaukee Issue (2012-13)

Tim Bawden:  A “Natural” Geographer

Zimmerman, J.  Diversity/Boundaries/Polarization: Visualizing and Explaining Demographic Change in the City of Milwaukee, 2000-2010.

Burkham, J.  “What Part of Illegal Don’t You Understand?”: Negotiating the Boundaries of Latino Inclusion in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Herguth, M., Kenny, J. and Bonds, A.  More Than Houses: The Economic Impact of Milwaukee Habitat for Humanity’s Development Strategy

Sziarto, K., Mansson McGinty, A. and Seymour-Jorn, C.  The Muslim Milwaukee Project: Muslims Negotiating Racial and Ethnic Categories

Volume 24 (2010-2011)

Kenny, J. and Platt, L.  Milwaukee’s “Garden’s of the Poor”: Placing urban nature in the Liberal City, 1880-1905

Kleinfeld, M.  Males, Migrants, and Married Women: Dispelling Myths of Human Trafficking in Wisconsin

Cross, J.  Twenty Years of Change in Wisconsin’s Dairy Industry: 1989-2009

Day, M.  Quarying in the Karst of Southwestern Wisconsin: History, Significance and Prospects

Volume 23 (2008-2009)

Christian, J., Moua, P. and Vogeler, I.  The Cultural Landscape of the Hmong in Eau Claire, Wisconsin

Theo, L. and Ledin, A.  Geographic Change in the Visibility of Wisconsin’s Queer Community, 1976-2006

McCarthy, L.  Wasteful Competition for Corporate Investment and the Feasibility of Some Suggested Remedies: The Case of Milwaukee, WI

Day, M.  A Speleogenic Origin for the Leland Natural Bridge, Wisconsin?

Mauel, S. and Day, M.  Real-Time Delimitation of Southwestern Wisconsin’s Karst Boundaries Using Soils Data, GIS and GPS

Volume 22 (2007)

Volume 21 (2006)

Zimmerman, J. and Craft, T.  Do Wisconsin Cities Need to Attract More “Young Creatives”?: An Assessment of Economic Performance and Creative Class Concentration in Wisconsin Metropolitan Areas, 1990-2000

Kenny, J., Benson, D. and Bump, D.  Beyond the “Zone of Workingmen’s Homes”

Grossman, Z.  Ho-Chunk Environmental Alliances and the Effects of White Racial Advantage

Ottone, G.  Farming in the Face of Exurbanization: The Cases of Greenville and Bellevue

Horne, W.  Conflict and Change in the Hutterite Land Base in North America

Pipes, T., and Day, M.  Some Alternative Hypotheses of Cave Formation in Southwestern Wisconsin

Mason, M.  Book Review of Wisconsin Then and Now: The Wisconsin Sesquicentennial Rephotography Project

Volume 20 (2004)

Burayidi, M. and Maher, C.  Operationalizing Smart Growth: Prospects and Constraints from a Baseline

Zaniewski, K.  Population Change in Wisconsin, 1990-2000

Day, M., Kueny, J., Parrish, A. and Tenorio, R.  Testing a Preliminary Model of Spring Location in the Karst of Southwestern Wisconsin

Ottone, G.  Trends in Wisconsin Statewide Elections: Party Preference by County, 1972-2000

Heppen, J.  Wisconsin- The Quintessential Upper Midwestern State?

Zimmerman, J. The Motorcycle That Made Milwaukee Famous: Re-Constructing Milwaukee’s Image Through the 100th Anniversary Celebration of Harley-Davidson

Montgomery, K.  Book Review of The Geology and Physical Geography of Robert Hooke (1635-1703)

Volume 19 (2003)

2003- Volume 19 Cover Pg

De Sousa, C. and Gramling, B.  The Menomonee Valley Benchmarking Initiative: Identifying Priorities, Assessing Conditions, and Devising a Sustainable Vision for Milwaukee’s Menomonee Valley

Patterson, J.  Smart Growth in Wisconsin- The Case of Whitewater

Cychosz, C. and Day, M.  Geographic Persectives on Deer-Vehicle Collisions in Richland County, Wisconsin 1995-1997

Ofori-Amoah, B.  The UW System GeoWeb Project: Progess and Future

Montgomery, J. Book Review of “The Man Who Found Time: James Hutton and the Discovery of Earth’s Antiquity

Montgomery, J. Book Review of “The Seashell on the Mountaintop: A Story of Science, Sainthood, and the Humble Genius Who Discovered a New History of the Earth”

Volume 18 (2002)

Volume 17 (2001)

2001 Volume 17 Cover Pg

Hart, J. F.  Ginseng and Entrepreneurs

Zeitler, M. and Petzold, D.  Lions and Tigers and Bears: The Geographical Significance of Wisconsin Public High School Nicknames

Berlin, C.  Book Review of “A Milwaukee Woman’s Life on the Left: The Autobiography of Meta Berger”

Pleger, T.  Book Review of “Indian Mounds of Wisconsin”

Wingate, R.  Book Review of “Germans in Wisconsin”

Volume 15-16 (1999-2000)

1999-2000 Volume 15-16 Cover Pg

Bawden, T.  The University and the Cutover, 1895-1926: Pushing the Wisconsin Idea Too Far

Blank, T. and Travis, D.  The Industrialization of Smaller Cities in Wisconsin and its Resulting Influence of Urban Heat Island Intensities

Ghosh, J.  The Impact of Government Policies on the Textile and Garment Industries in India

McGregor, J.  The Analysis of Vanished Culturescapes

Hu, S., Lancaster, C. and Gabriel, A.  An Integrated Multimedia Approach for Wetland Management and Planning for Terrell’s Island Winnebago Pool Lakes, Wisconsin

Cravins, G.  Book Reivew of “The Making of Milwaukee” by John Gurda

Cravins, G. and Chu, G.  Book Review of “Wisconsin Past and Present: A project of the Wisconsin Cartographer’s Guild”

Flynn, J.  Book Review of “Wisconsin Land and Life” by Ostergren, R. and Vale, T. (editors)

Volume 13-14 (1997-1998)

1997-1998 Volume 13-14 Cover Pg

Cravins, G.  The Changing Asian Presence in the United States

Dabols, C.  A Examination of Atmospheric Circulation at the Surface and its Effects Upon the Minneapolis/St. Paul urban Heat Island

Kemp, S. and Day, M.  Karst Spring Water Sources in Southwestern Wisconsin: An Historical Analysis

Peters, S. and Ghosh, J.  Status of Women in the Informal Sector of the Indian Industrial Workforce

Rumney, T.  Hops Cultivation in Wisconsin: A Nineteenth Century Interlude

Volume 12 (1996)

1996- Volume 12 Cover pg

Barmore, F.  Spatial Analysis, the Wisconsin Idea and the UW-System: The Use and Abuse of Dispersion Statistics

Chu, G.  In Search of Desirable Homesites Along Wisconsin’s Great River Road

Cross, J.  Changing Cropland Combinations in Wisconsin, 1949-1992

Travis, D.  An Investigation of Wisconsin’s Anthropogenically-Generated Convergence Boundary and Possible Influences on Climate

Volume 11 (1995)

1995- Volume 11 Cover Pg

Simmons, J.  Labor and Socialist Parties in Wisconsin, 1876-1920

Zaniewski, K.  Racial and Ethnic Minorities in Wisconsin: A Comparative Analysis

Vogeler, I.  Using Cultural Landscapes to Teach “Cultural Diversity”

Volume 10 (1994)

1994- Volume 10 Cover pg

Cross, J.  Problems Facing Wisconsin Dairy Farmers: Perceptions of the Farmers

Flynn, J.  Images of Natural Beauty and Recreational Opportunity in Minnesota in the 20th Century

Jones, D. and Zaniewski, K.  Spatial voting patterens in the 1992 Wisconsin Presidential Election

Kenny, J.  Americanizing Milwaukee Polish South Side, 1900-1925

Volume 9 (1993)

1993- Volume 9 Cover Pg

Albert, M.  Wisconsin’s Role in the Early Automobile Industry

Barmore, F.  Center Here; Center There; Center, Center Everywhere!

Richter, D.  Small Community Population Changes, the Spatial Dimension: Wisconsin, 1960-1990

Rosen, C.  Enviromental Perceptions on Wisconsin’s Settlement Frontier: Pioneer Accounts of the Lead District (1824-1852)

Volume 8 (1992)

1992- Volume 8 Cover Pg

Barmore, F.  The Earth Isn’t Flat. And It Isn’t Round Either!, Some Significant and Little Known Effects of the Earth’s Ellipsoidal Shape

Calkins, C.  Images of Door County, Wisconsin, on Postcard Maps

Cravins, G.  Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in Wisconsin

Ramraj, R.  Variations in Short-Term Sedimentation Rates in Kewaunee Harbor, Wisconsin

Richter, D.  Transient Boat Usage on Geneva Lake, Wisconsin

Volume 7 (1991)

1991- Volume 7 Cover Pg

Helgeland, C.  Some Spatial Implications of Radiological Emergency Response Planning in Wisconsin

Reeder, P.  Topographic, Microclimatic and Anthropic Influences Upon “A” Horizon Development in Soils Formed in Glacial Outwash: Marinette County, Wisconsin

Richter, D.  One City’s Reaction to Wisconsin’s Recycling Initiative

Oh, J. and Day, M.  Sediments of the Seneca Sinkhole in the Southwestern, Wisconsin Karst

Barmore, F.  Where are we? Comments on the Concept of The “Center of Population”

Gulley, H.  Southern Cultural Distinctiveness in the Landscape: Confederate Monuments in Alabama and Georgia

Rambadt, D.  Sequent Land Use in Wisconsin’s First Suburb

Volume 6 (1990)

1990- Volume 6 Cover Pg

Cross, J.  Drought Perceptions of Wisconsin Dairy Farms

Bhatia, S. and Zaniewski, K.  Population Change in Wisconsin, 1980-1990

Richter, D.  Public Parking Demand in Whitewater, Wisconsin

Raith, W. and Day, M.  A Blowing Well in Bayfield County, Wisconsin

Reeder, P.  The Description and Classification of Soils in Central Marinette County, Wisconsin

Volume 5 (1989)

1989- Volume 5 Cover Pg

Fonstad, T.  Spatial Voting Patterns in the 1988 Wisconsin Presidential Election

Rosen, C.  Mapping Wisconsin’s Bedrock: 1839-1883

Day, M. and Reeder, P.  Dolostone Karst In Southwestern Wisconsin

Stoelting, P.  Delimiting and Subdividing Terrain of the Interlobate Kettle Moraine of Eastern Wisconsin

Prell, R.  A History and Survey of Historical Vegetation Mapping in Wisconsin

Volume 4 (1988)

1988- Volume 4 Cover Pg

Borowiecki, B.  Potential Significance of Drumlin Field Modification

Helgeland, C.  The Effects of Chernobyl on Intended Evacuation Plans From a Hypothetical Accident at the Point Beach Nuclear Power Plant, Northeastern Wisconsin

Gerlach, J.  The Newcastle Pub

Gaede, H.  Defining the Seasons

Grahn, G. and Wingate, R.  The Wisconsin Hill and Valley Cheese Factory: A Joint Venture Between Amish and Non-Amish

Volume 2 (1986)

1986- Volume 2 Cover Pg

Holzner, L.  Urban Land U.S.A: On the Dispersal and New Spatial Order of the U.S. American City

Thompson, C.  Tiger in the North Woods: A Geographical Overview of Exxon’s Proposed Zinc-Copper Mine at Crandon, Wisconsin

Deller, H. and Stoelting, P.  Wisconsin’s Door Peninsula and Its Geomorphology

Day, M.  Caves in the Driftless Area of Southwestern Wisconsin

Bhatia, S.  Population Change in Wisconsin Villages, 1970-1980

Kapter, J.  Neo-Nationalism in West Africa

Wingate, R.  Budget Field Trips in Geography

Volume 1 (1985)

1985- Volume 1 Cover Pg The Wisconsin Geographer

Bhatia, S.  Population Change in Wisconsin, 1970-1980

Edwards, G. and Holder, V.  Population Change in West Central Wisconsin

Hoefer, J.  The Generic Use of the Term Coulee in Western Wisconsin

Richter, D.  Change in the Southern Wisconsin Dairy Area

Krog, C.  The development of Lumbering in the Nicolet National Forest

Jierschek, D.  The Locational Signficance of Manmade Protective Structures on the Lake Michigan Shoreline of Milwaukee County, Wisconsin


1983- Cover Pg-

Detwyler, T.  Approaches to Teaching World Regional Geography In Wisconsin Universities

Hale, R.  Wisconsin’s Vernacular Regions

Stetzer, D.  Functional Specialization in Wisconsin Cities

Last, D.  Using The Soil Survery to Teach About The Land and Its Use

Lagenfeld, P.  The Campbellsport Drumlin Unit: Morphometric and Textural Correlations

Weinkauf, R.  Land Cover Change in Langlade County, Wisconsin: A Landsat Imagery Analysis

Fonstad, K.  Mapping Middle-Earth

Richter, D.  Recruitment, Preparation and Placement of Geographers


1982- Cover Pg

Anibas, R.  Geography Puzzles

Estaville, L.  Horizons of Enviromental Ethics: A Plea for Teaching a Deeper Meaning

McFarland: An Investigation (First place winner in the WCGE Teaching Awards)

Bleisath, R.  Monitoring The Lake Effect: Observations From the Western Shore of Lake Winnebago

Kapter, J.  The Impact of Tourism on Selected Areas of the West Indies

Mielke, A.  Understanding the World

Vining, J.  Volcanic Activity as Presented in the Early American Geographies


1981- Cover Pg

Austin, C.  Geography and The Future: A Mandate for Geographic Education

Ness, S.  Teaching Unit on Islam

Loomer, H.  Grand Canyon Enviromental Management

Cross, J.  Place Preferences of Wisconsin Students

Loomer, H.  Grand Canyon Enviromental Management


1978: Cover page and Part 1

1978: Part 2


1973- Cover Pg

Greuel, J.  A Textbook Review of “Exploring Wisconsin”

Scheele, R.  A Psychodelic Geography

Loomer, H.  The Barron County Way to Audio-Visual-Tutorial Work in Small Schools

Parry, M.  Why Curves Become Straight Lines

Reimer, V. and Ray, J.  Menominee: Reservation or County

Richards, C.  Unit Train Operations in the United States

Brandt, L.  American Railroads and the Origins of the Interstate Commerce Acts

Perret, M.  Cemetaries

Multauf, D.  Industrial Changes In Western Connecticut

Gerlach, J.  Using the Model of the Image of Limited Good to Explain Subsistence Economic Activities



  1. Vol. 5, 1989 – typo. “Vegation” should be “Vegetation”.

    1. Thanks for catching the typo.

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